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LVLA May 11th Update

Greetings Las Vegas Lacrosse Alliance Community

I woke up this morning at 12:01am, want to know what I heard?  I heard the soft buzz of our lacrosse community excited and ready to return to the field and enjoy the greatest sport there is, lacrosse!

We, the planners and architects, comprised of league voices, team leadership, coaches and parents alike, are continuing our planning, with the plan to resume play as soon as possible.  What that will look like isn’t yet concrete.  As you all know, the Governor opened our state in phase 1 status, which comes with loosening criteria, but also carries many limitations and restrictions.  I can assure you, we have every desire to resume, when the time is right, but we will do so under the strict advice and guidelines provided by the Governor of the State of Nevada, as well as the many regional and local jurisdictions that are providing guidance.

With that in mind, we have drawn up a rough timeline that we wanted to share.  Now that we are in Phase 1 which started on May 9, and with an anticipated 2-3-week phase as shared by the Governors office, that puts us at May 30 when we may enter Phase 2.  With that in mind, we are hopeful that we can hold some structured play the weekend of June 6 and June 13.  

To accomplish that, many pieces need to fit into this puzzle such as:

  1. Player conditioning which can be done individually and at home, now through May 30
  2. Player practicing which we anticipate would last 1 full week
  3. Team play which we are still figuring out as we speak

We also want to mention that we are working with community experts to help craft a SAFE return to play plan.  That plan will be shared with athletes, parents, coaches, and all associated with the sport before we resume play in any fashion.  We realize that some parents won’t be ready to rejoin our play at our proposed schedule, and for those we completely understand.  And know that when you feel comfortable returning, we will be here with arms open.

Again, we are hopeful, but we also have very little information other than what you all know.  Our state just entered phase 1; we don’t know how long it will last, and when we reach phase 2, we don’t know how lose or tight the restrictions will be.  Today we are planning with the best-case scenario in our favor.  We also know we will likely need to tailor our thinking when new information is released.

So, for now, let that slow lacrosse buzz continue, I love hearing it!  Let’s get those athletes loosened up, and in condition.  Soon we WILL be back playing lacrosse…

Until then, stay safe

Las Vegas Lacrosse Alliance

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Welcome to the official homepage of the Las Vegas Lacrosse Alliance (LVLA). THE LVLA is built for organizing, developing, & promoting boys lacrosse in the state of Nevada. This is accomplished by instilling the values of sportsmanship, individual/ team development, & fair play. Based out of Las Vegas & Henderson, NV, LVLA provides a competitive Spring season as well as additional year round playing opportunities for all ages & skill levels.

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