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    LVLA - March 22nd Update

    Greetings Las Vegas Lacrosse Alliance Families,


    LVLA leadership met yesterday to discuss not only our current status, but our longer term possibilities as we move forward.


    Governor Sisolak’s decision, as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to shut down all nonessential businesses and activities is a decision we wholeheartedly support.  We also want to be equally as proactive and encourage our lacrosse community to help flatten the curve, as quickly as possible, for the health and safety of each and every member of the lacrosse community.  As such, our recommendation is to continue the season suspension, which will stay in effect through April 14.


    We will reevaluate the situation on April 11 where we will once again take into consideration the position of our Governor, public health officials, city and county leadership, and only then will we make a decision to move forward or continue the suspension.


    We made these decisions, with full representation and support of each and every program, with one goal in mind, the protection of each lacrosse constituent within our community.


    Having said that, I want to personally thank those program representatives who continue to meet, week after week, in support of lacrosse and the players who take the field each week.  Those are our primary customers, and our primary goals are to make sure they learn the fundamentals of playing fair, having fun, and most importantly being safe.


    I want to emphasize one thing that has resonated throughout each and every meeting, that we are hopeful that we can resume season play once our suspension has lifted.  We have not yet given up on the opportunity to finish our season, albeit in an abbreviated or nontraditional way.  To that end, we are working round the clock to get ready for that by developing new schedules, timelines, and of course proper conditioning scheduled before resuming competition.


    In the meantime, let’s all stay strong as a community and continue to support each other during this time of need.  Look to your program leaders who will begin to share things that can be done at home during our time of separation.  And lastly, we are hear should you need us.  Please reach out to your program leaders, and they can reach out to LVLA leadership; we stand united in our efforts to protect each other as well as our plans to resume the great sport of lacrosse once our community has returned to normal.


    Until we resume,

    Alan Diskin & All Program Leadership


    Welcome to the official homepage of the Las Vegas Lacrosse Alliance (LVLA). THE LVLA is built for organizing, developing, & promoting boys lacrosse in the state of Nevada. This is accomplished by instilling the values of sportsmanship, individual/ team development, & fair play. Based out of Las Vegas & Henderson, NV, LVLA provides a competitive Spring season as well as additional year round playing opportunities for all ages & skill levels.

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